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Listed below are scanned news and feature articles that have appeared in mainstream periodicals. All articles are either links to the respective periodicals’ websites or are in JPEG format and have approximate file sizes between 180k and 350k.

The New York Times

“One of the most cherished art pieces of all time, the bust of the Madonna from Michelangelo’s Pietà”

Catholic News Service

“Pietà’s beauty inspires U.S. man to reproduce busts of Mary’s Head”…..”an image of the glory to come.”

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
National Shrine receives Pietà replica

“The casting is faithful to the original in every detail”

“Produced under license with the Vatican Treasury Museum”

“There has never been a more literally awesome artist than Michelangelo: awesome in the scope of his imagination and awesome in the awareness of the significance – The Spiritual significance – of beauty.”

“The greatest artistic Genius that ever lived”

Millionaire Magazine
Silver Madonna

“Now, for the first time in the half millennium since this sublime work was created, even Michelangelo is not beyond your grasp”

“The sculptures will bring the work closer to the art lover than ever before”

“If there is a single piece of art in the whole world which embodies the essence of Christianity it is this moving portrayal of the Madonna”

“Mary’s face is youthful yet beyond age”

“Each statue will be like a personal gift from the master who is regarded as the greatest artist of all time, a sculpture cast in silver that faithfully recreates every exquisite detail that he chiseled lovingly into marble.”

“When far less significant art is fetching astronomical prices today, the investment potential must be formidable for a work of art by the undisputed master – the immortal Michelangelo.

National Catholic Register
Replica of Mary’s Head from Famed ‘Pietà’ Arrives at National Shrine

“From a master made from a Vatican mold of the original sculpture”

“It will be a source of beauty to the many pilgrims”

“All truly great art is a form of inspiration, which ultimately flows from the divine”

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Statesman Journal
Vatican Approved Pietà Reproductions at Lawrence Gallery

“It’s probably a record for art sales in a 10-day period in Oregon”

“About 2,500 visitors visited the Sheridan gallery through Sunday. Another 2,500 came to see the gold, silver and bronze busts of the Virgin Mary at the gallery’s Portland location.”

CRAIN’S New York Business
Faithful Replica of Vatican Art

“Until now, (art lovers) had to make the pilgrimage to the Vatican to view one of the worlds greatest masterpieces”

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Peninsula Spotlight
Madonna Reproduction on exhibit

“After 500 years, Michelangelo’s crowning achievement, the Madonna della Pietà emerges from the Treasury of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome”

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Robb Report
Pietà Reproduced

“It was and still is considered the great masterpiece of the artist’s early career.”

“It’s so moving, so compelling. It takes over the room.”

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Art Expo

“For the first time ever, private art collectors and institutions will have the opportunity to own an exact reproduction of the bust of the Virgin Mary.”

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The Oregonian
Copied Michaelangelo Bust Sells for $2 Million

The Dallas Morning News

“To raise money for the conservation of its art collection, the Vatican allowed gold, silver and bronze castings to be made last year from the head of Michelangelo’s 1501 stone sculpture, Madonna della Pietà.”

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Decor and Style Magazine

“A sculpture of incredible beauty and detail” “It expresses serenity and compassion and has been described as the definitive image of divine love” “The Madonna is a study in the spiritual beauty that was Michelangelo’s artistic ideal” “As an artist, he is unmatched as the creator of works of sublime beauty that express the full breadth of the human condition. His works are absolute perfection and unsurpassed.”

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The Press Enterprise

“Many people react emotionally when they see the casting, to some people it’s simply a great work of art, to others, it’s a religious artifact of affection and devotion” “Morgan praised the castings for capturing the enigmatic nature of the original work.” “You can examine her expression from every angle” “as her face turns you can see the grief in her eye transform into compassion”

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Palm Springs Life

“Standing under a trio of gleaming Madonna’s, William Yant says, ‘This is the closest you can come to owning a Michelangelo”

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The Desert Sun

“The incomparable Pietà” a sculpture considered by critics to be the most perfect in all the world.” “The exquisite Virgin possesses a transcendent physical and spiritual beauty never again equaled in Michelangelo’s later work.” The work is a timeless and artistic masterpiece”

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Art Historian Georgio Vasari

“It would be impossible for any craftsman or sculptor, no matter how brilliant, to ever surpasses the grace or design of this work, or to try to cut and polish the marble with the skill that Michelangelo displayed”

The Catholic Review

A silver casting of the Madonna della Pietà has been given to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate conception in Washington where it will be displayed in one of the chapels.

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News Register

“Every form and shape was created by Michelangelo’s own hand.” “The 16th century artist’s greatness is evident in all three metals.” “Once you see one of these, you never want to be without one.”

Human Events Brochure

“You might think it is impossible to own one of Michelangelo’s crowning achievements – the Pietà, which stands proudly in St Peter’s Cathedral in Rome. But now for the first time in 500 years, owning a Michelangelo Sculpture is not beyond your grasp.”


“Every beauty which is seen here below by persons of perception resembles more than anything else that celestial source from which we are all come… My eyes longing for beautiful things together with my soul longing for salvation have no other power to ascend to heaven that the contemplation of beautiful things.”

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