New Renaissance Art presents the Madonna della Pietà, the bust of the Virgin Mary from Michelangelo’s Pietà.

Michelangelo created many of his works for the Vatican, including the breathtaking frescos in the Sistine Chapel and the incredibly beautiful Pietà. Of all his sculptures, the Pietà was the only one he ever signed – he considered it to be the consummate expression of both his personal talent and the divine inspiration that he believed to be the guiding hand behind his work. In the Pietà all of Michelangelo’s attention was focused on evoking the ideal of spiritual beauty so important in the time of the Italian Renaissance. One of the greatest sculptures ever created, it stands as an icon for the Christian faith, bringing inspiration to the millions who visit St. Peter’s Basilica every year.

Now, after five hundred years, the bust of the Virgin Mary from this masterpiece of divine inspiration has been cast from a master made from the Vatican’s mold of the original. This mold was created under the supervision of the Vatican’s own artisans, and the casting is faithful to the original in every detail and subtlety.

The Madonna della Pietà is a study in the spiritual beauty that was Michelangelo’s artistic ideal. It is a testament to his abiding love of God, the source of his inspiration, that he was able to capture the compassion and serenity in Mary’s face with so much grace that half a millennium later the vision of it continues to inspire us.

Evedur Bronze
Edition of 500
+ 8 Foundry Proofs
Edition of 199
+ 12 Foundry Proofs
Edition of 500
+ 8 Foundry Proofs
madonna della pieta bronze pieta silver bust madonna della pieta acrylic